Servicenow Autocomplete for Atom

Autocomplete Servicenow for Atom

The autocomplete-servicenow package for Atom received the last upgrade for the Quebec release.

I have stopped updating it as I no longer use Atom.

Check the Readme section in the Package page or the Github repository to see the prefixes and APIs available.

Autocomplete Servicenow: GlideRecord example

Package Installation

    1. Open command palette in Atom: CMD-SHIFT-P (macOS) or CTRL-SHIFT-P (Linux/Windows)
    2. Type “install package

Atom Command Palette

    1. Select “Settings View: Install Packages And Themes
    2. Type “autocomplete-servicenow” and click on “Install

autocomplete-servicenow Search Package

Version selection

You can select your Servicenow version under “Settings” (Quebec, Paris and Orlando are available).

autocomplete-servicenow Settings