Your account is being impersonated!

It’s not cool to impersonate your fellow admins.

Especially in a production environment and without asking for permission first.

Check impersonations

If you are an admin, you can easily find who is using the impersonation feature by checking the event logs [sysevent_list] and looking for the events “impersonation.start” and “impersonation.end”.

  • parm1: Impersonator
  • parm2: User being impersonated

Instant notifications

But you have better things to do than to monitor the event log queue.

Did you know you can just activate a notification preference in the Instance Security Center (/isc) and you will receive an email when somebody impersonates you?

1. Click on Instance Security Center ➚

Click on Instance Security Center ➚

2. Click on your name

Click on your name

3. Click on Notification Preferences

Click on Notification Preferences

4. Check Impersonation

Check Impersonation - Primary email

5. Click on Save

Click on Save

Now, anytime somebody impersonates you, you will receive an email!