Servicenow Autocomplete for Atom

The autocomplete-servicenow package for Atom has been upgraded to Orlando!

Check the Readme section in the Package page or the Github repository to see the prefixes and APIs available.



Autocomplete Servicenow: GlideRecord example


Package Installation

    1. Open command palette in Atom: CMD-SHIFT-P (macOS) or CTRL-SHIFT-P (Linux/Windows)
    2. Type “install package

Atom Command Palette

    1. Select “Settings View: Install Packages And Themes
    2. Type “autocomplete-servicenow” and click on “Install

autocomplete-servicenow Search Package


Version selection

You can select your Servicenow version under “Settings” (Orlando, New York, Madrid, London and Jakarta available).

autocomplete-servicenow Settings


About Rubén

Rubén is a certified ServiceNow System Administrator, Implementation Specialist and Application Developer. He works as Senior Consultant for DXC Fruition in Spain since 2014 and has strong experience in configuration and implementation for major European companies.