Notification Preferences Cheatsheet

Servicenow provides a good documentation page about User Notification Preferences. Have you ever wondered where these settings are stored in the backend? Let’s have a look at the main tables and fields where Servicenow stores this data. Notification Preferences Notification Preferences Popup Backend Table / Field Allow Notifications User -> Notification [sys_user.notification] Notification Channel Notification …

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Autocomplete Servicenow for Atom

Servicenow Autocomplete for Atom

The autocomplete-servicenow package for Atom received the last upgrade for the Quebec release. I have stopped updating it as I no longer use Atom. Check the Readme section in the Package page or the Github repository to see the prefixes and APIs available. Atom Package: GitHub Repository: Package Installation Open command palette in Atom: CMD-SHIFT-P (macOS) or …

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