Hidden Field Types: Day of Week

Day of Week

Now that we know about the existence of some Hidden Field Types in Servicenow, it is time to inspect some of them.

In this post, we will see how to create a new Day of Week field, how it looks in a form and some of its properties.

Creating a Day of Week field

The quickest way is to use the following URL (substitute <instance_name> by the name of the instance):


It will open the form to create a new field with the Type already populated. You just need to select the Table and set the Column label and Column Name.

Day of Week: Dictionary entry

Day of Week in a form

The new field is displayed as a choice list.

Day of Week: New record


Values and Validation

Unlike the Choice field type, Day of Week extends Integer instead of String.

Day of Week: Field class

These are the values for each of the options:

  • 1 = Monday
  • 2 = Tuesday
  • 3 = Wednesday
  • 4 = Thursday
  • 5 = Friday
  • 6 = Saturday
  • 7 = Sunday

If we manipulate the field on client side and set a wrong value (i.e a String or a number higher than 7), it will not be saved.

It will keep the old value or the default value if you are creating a new record.

Day of Week: Wrong value



Day of Week field includes out of the box translations.

This is how it looks in Spanish:

Day of Week: Translation Spanish

Service Portal

Unfortunately, the field type Day of Week doesn’t work properly in Service Portal.

Day of Week: Service Portal