Code Search using Studio IDE without Applications

Studio URL: sysparm_transaction_scope
Servicenow Geneva provided us with a great tool for developers: Studio IDE. It includes some nice features, such as the ability to search the instance and find some code. However, Studio IDE is not very friendly when you don’t want to work with applications.

Opening Studio IDE

A modal panel forces you to create or import one application.
What if you don’t want to do so?
Code search using studio ide: Studio Application Panel
Studio IDE: Application Panel

Bypassing the restriction

Luckily, there is an easy way to bypass that restriction. You just need to change one parameter in the URL: sysparm_transaction_scope
Initially, it is ‘global’. Just change it to some random string!


Code search using studio ide: sysparm_transaction_scope
Studio IDE: sysparm_transaction_scope

Code Search using Studio IDE without Applications

The modal panel is no longer stopping you!
You can now search, open files and edit them as usual.
Code search using studio ide
Studio IDE: Code Search
Tested in:
  • Helsinki Patch 11
  • Jakarta Patch 0

Alternative Search

If you are even lazier and don’t feel like opening the Studio IDE, you can search the sys_metadata table.

Code search using studio ide: sys_metadata
Alternative search: sys_metadata

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