3 Things I Learned in January 2021

Copy text to clipboard

Recently, I had to create a Context Menu to copy some elements from a list to the clipboard.
Servicenow does that OOTB in a few places, so no need to reinvent the wheel!
Let’s have a look at the UI Action “Copy sys_id”:
Pretty simple, right?
You just need to use the function “copyToClipboard” and pass the text you want to copy as a parameter.
If you are interested in having a look at the function definition, you can find the code in your instance:

Insert Widget in GlideModal

Have you ever tried to put a Portal Widget inside an iframe inside an UI Page inside a Pop Up… I swear I had no choice!

HTML Work notes/Comments in Agent Workspace

Having HTML fields for Work notes and Comments for Tasks.
I’ve seen that requirement a few times and I haven’t found the perfect solution yet.
But in the Agent Workspace, you just need to set a System Property:
Controls whether journal entries in workspace are displayed as html fields or string fields (true = html, false = string)


About Rubén

Rubén is a certified ServiceNow System Administrator, Implementation Specialist and Application Developer. He works as Senior Consultant for DXC Fruition in Spain since 2014 and has strong experience in configuration and implementation for major European companies.