3 Things I Learned in December 2020

Quality of Life Items available on ServiceNow Share

I’m still trying to catch up with the content from Servicenow Knowledge ’20. A lot of interesting stuff still to be watched.

Kudos to Earl Duque for his “Quality of Life items available on ServiceNow Share” talk.

I was already familiar with half of the items (can anybody complete any work without Xplore: Developer Toolkit?), but the others will save me some clicks and some valuable minutes.

State Flows

I probably first read about them when I was studying for the Field Services certification. I remember thinking how cool they were… but then I forgot.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a custom development around a table extending Task and it came back to my mind. And the plugin was already installed in the instance! (State Flows [com.snc.state_flows])

As it was something internal for just a few users, it was the perfect project for experimenting. And so far, so good!


A bit confusing initially as you need to focus on state transitions, but easier to manage after you get used to it.

A lot of no-code options can be managed in a single form: Set fields visible, read-only and/or mandatory. Trigger events. Add work notes. Create UI Actions, BRs…

A quick excerpt from Servicenow Docs:
Features available with state flows:
* Custom transitions: Customize the order in which states can change for requests and task records.
* Field controls: Control the behavior and visibility of specific fields when a task changes states or reaches a specified end state.
* State choice list: Limit the values offered in a task record State field to valid states for that transition. This is the same client script that the system creates to manage field controls for state transitions.
* Events: Trigger events when a state transition occurs or when a record reaches a specific end state.

Constraints can really help you to achieve your goals

I’ve been postponing the Performance Analytics certification for a couple of years.

For some reason I was afraid of not passing this one (Probably the reason being failing on my first attempt at the Performance Analytics Micro-certification).

Add a bit of procrastination to the mixture and I found myself clicking the reschedule button more times than I’m willing to admit.


Until December 2020 arrived…

Time constraints: Voucher expiring by the end of the year

Physical constraints: Partial lockdown due to COVID-19


The positive effect of having deadlines has been studied extensively by some behavioural economists such as Dan Ariely.

So let’s say I relearned it. But there is nothing like firsthand experience!


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